Everyone who is anyone, or who would like to be anyone, knows that the apps you have on your iPhone say a lot, well, almost everything, about you.
However, there are a couple of new apps that might truly revolutionize your Christmas and not necessarily in a good way.

The first is called the Background Check App. Not only is it wondrously free, but it also strikes a huge and lasting blow for personal freedom. You can look around your dinner table this holiday season and, with your usual lithe grace, pull out your iPhone. Using your Background Check app, created by Been Verified, you can discover everything you need to know about the criminal history, property records, and so much more of everyone there.

It could be your neighbors who always seemed too good to be genuinely neighborly. It could be your Aunt Agatha, whose affinity for the schnapps might screen some vital information about her past life and associations.

Background Check was released December 18 and it has already received plaudits from happy iTunes store customers who have previously paid $60 to spy on others.