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Have you been receiving calls from an unknown number and you want to know who it is that keeps calling? There are several reverse lookup services that will allow you to plug in a number and find out who keeps calling you.

Many of these services do not work with cellphones.

Every provider offers different features and pricing options that will allow you to choose a service that best fits into your pricing and feature needs. More often than not, features will be available that tell you more about the caller, and some features may be unnecessary for your needs.

Let’s take a look at the top reverse lookup services to determine which service is best.

AnyWho Reverse Lookup

AnyWho’s service is basic and doesn’t provide much information at all. When using the site, you’ll find that you can only enter in phone numbers, and cell phone numbers are not currently allowed.

Interestingly, the site links its services directly to when you click find.

Sadly, neither site reported any viable information back during our testing. We tried several different numbers that should be listed, including businesses, and found that returned the following: “YP didn’t find any results.”

The service didn’t even return results for a local Wal-Mart that has been in business for over 10 years.

You can use the service to check for information based on a person’s name and address, but this must be done right through the portal.

AnyWho is owned by Yellow Pages, the company that owns

411 Reverse Lookup

The reverse lookup offers several options to lookup a person. This company offers the following ways to search for a person:

  • First and last name
  • Phone number
  • Address

When discussing phone numbers only, you’ll be able to view the following information:

  • Area code
  • Carrier
  • City and state

You won’t find any advanced information regarding phone numbers. This does provide you with minimal information about a person, but you won’t really be able to pinpoint the actual person calling you in most cases.

If the number is within the company’s database, you’ll find the following additional information:

  • Owner of the phone
  • Address
  • Directions to the owner’s residence
  • Neighbors
  • Related telephone numbers where available

If you want a “full report” of a person, you will be redirected to “” All of the person’s information will be present, and you’ll be able to find their social network profiles, age, relatives and eventually be presented with the option to conduct a complete background check on the person.

This is a fairly length process and takes 10 – 20 minutes for all of the reports to be compiled.

While the process seems free, to receive a full report you’ll need to sign up for an account and choose a membership package:

  • 1 Month: $22.86.
  • 3 Month: $14.86.
  • 6 Month: $9.83.

Again, basic information is provided through 411 reverse lookup, and if you want further information, you will be redirected to to conduct a more thorough search. This is a far more robust option than the AnyWho reverse lookup reviewed previously.

Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate provides the most robust, user-friendly interface with their reverse lookup service. When you visit the company’s page, you’ll want to scroll to the very bottom to find the link to the lookup service.

Once you do, you’ll need to plug in the same basic information:

  • Area code
  • Phone number

The initial process is long and attempts to triangulate the number.

You will need to sign up for an account before any information is provided. I am not sure how much spam this will result in, but Instant Checkmate is one of the more reputable companies that offers reverse lookup services.

Once you sign up for an account, you’ll be prompted with the following basic information:

  • Carrier
  • Line type
  • City
  • State

Instant Checkmate is a company that offers complete information or background checks on a person, so you’ll be prompted to get a “full report.” The “full report” comes at a premium, which is $18.45 monthly.

You can, however, receive a 5 day unlimited trial for just $1.00.

The trial will provide you with the following:

  • A detailed report for the number you looked up.
  • Unlimited phone number lookups.
  • Customer support access.

All of the reports are able to be viewed online, and may include the following information about the owner:

  • Full name
  • Current address
  • Past address history

You’ll also be able to see past owners of the phone number as well as satellite views of the owner’s current and past addresses. More information may be provided, but the company does not provide further details on the information that may be supplied.

You will not receive call logs of any kind.

The $1 trial is well worth the cost. If you do not plan on continuing the service, make sure that you cancel before your 5 day trial is up, or you will be charged $18.45 a month until you cancel your account.

Overall, Instant Checkmate provides the most robust phone lookup currently reviewed.


The eVerify company offers a lot of background and personal information about a person. When you only have a phone number, you can use the phone lookup service for some free information.

You will receive the same information for free as all of the other providers on this list:

  • Area
  • Type of phone
  • Carrier

You’re not provided with much information, but you’re able to purchase a full report. There is also a 5 day free trial with eVerify. This is slightly lower than the $1 trial of Instant Checkmate, and you’ll get unlimited access to:

  • Background checks
  • Criminal records
  • Reverse phone services
  • People lookup
  • Email lookup
  • Vital records

There is a lot of great information in the free trial that eVerify offers, and it does provide more information than the free trial that Instant Checkmate offers.

If you want a full report for the number that you’re currently investigating, you will need to pay $19.95. What do you get for this price?

  • Name
  • Phone numbers
  • Criminal and court records
  • Bankruptcy information
  • Property ownership
  • Current and previous address history
  • Relatives and associations

You’ll receive a lot of information about a person when you pay the $19.95 fee.

In terms of the free trial, eVerify has the most powerful and complete free trial offering on the list so far.

Let’s see what Mr. Number has to offer.

Mr. Number

The Mr. Number service is an actual app that will provide you with instant information about a number. When looking at just the reverse phone lookup, you’re left with a very handy app that does provide great information about a number based off of the company’s user database.

The great thing about Mr. Number is you’ll be able to see what others say about numbers – great for spam callers.

What you’ll get with the Mr. Number app is:

  • 20 free lookups
  • The name of the person who called
  • Access to mobile and landlines

You won’t receive as much information as the other services on the list, but you will know who is calling. Once you’ve used up your 20 free lookups, you’ll pay $1.99 for each additional 20 lookups.

The app does allow you to block numbers and it can be used as a business caller ID.

Keep in mind that this is the least robust lookup service, and you will need to use the app to gain access to this service. All of the other services listed can be used directly on the company’s web portal without the need to download an app or any programs.

The Best Free Service

If you’re looking for the best free service, our choice is 411 lookup. Why? If you come across a number that is listed within the company’s database, you’ll be able to see the owner of the number and their address.

All of the other free services offer just the basic location of the owner and the provider.

In essence, there isn’t much information provided for free with the other services, aside from Mr. Number. This service does allow for 20 free lookups, but very limited information is provided.

The Best Trial

The best trial goes to eVerify.

The company does not charge you a dime for the free trial, and you’ll be able to view a lot more information than you’ll find on Instant Checkmate’s free trial.

The two are very close in terms of the information provided, and as a complete service, Instant Checkmate wins, but eVerify wins in terms of what they offer in their free trial.

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